Should I Help Buy My Adult Child A House?

The question comes up so often and the answer is almost always “Yes.”If this is on your mind these days, I encourage you to have a frank discussion with your attorney and your accountant to see if it is something you can afford and something you might be interested in doing. Then have a frank discussion with your adult child and see if you can make this work.For most Baby Boomers, buying a home was a given. We had the advantage of much lower prices, easier lender requirements and good, steady jobs with regular paychecks to make homeownership relatively easy. With the appreciation of the last several decades, we have reaped tremendous benefits from those early investments. In most cases, our real estate purchases have provided us with tremendous security, real increases in our net worth, and planted us firmly in a community.It’s hard to watch our kids sitting out this real estate market because they can’t save enough for a down payment or can’t qualify for a loan. Over the last decade we’ve all known or heard of new homeowners who were “upside down” (owed the lender more than the house was worth), couldn’t refinance to take advantage of the lower interest rates or couldn’t sell to get out from under. Many new potential homeowners have shied away from venturing into the real estate market. I think much of that is behind us and there are new opportunities. I am not talking about speculation and “flipping.” I am talking about homeownership: buying a house to live in and enjoy for a generation, getting married, raising kids, paying off the mortgage, and retiring: the American Dream.Owning a house creates a sense of achievement. Belonging to a neighborhood brings with it new friends with a shared sense of place. It is a fundamental step in “getting a life.”There are several ways to help your adult child purchase a home and most of them are a good deal for both generations.Many of the older generation are disappointed by the vagaries of the security markets, bereft of returns from savings accounts, and longing for the steady income of a safe investment. Lending or gifting your adult children a down payment for their home purchase can provide a good investment for Boomers. This is the most popular way of helping.Acting as the mortgage holder, or carrying a loan, is another good way to help your adult children. You are actually lending the money to the kids for the entire purchase, and they pay it back plus interest every month, just like they would be paying the bank.Yet another practice that we are seeing these days is the older generation buying a house and renting it to their kids. Buying a property together as co-owners is another way to go. Transferring ownership can be accomplished over a period of years, in accordance with the maximum tax-free gift allowances.Several of our clients are purchasing a home for each of their minor children and just keeping them for the future. They plan to rent these properties out until the respective child is ready to assume the role of homeowner.One of the concerns frequently voiced by clients is how to deal with the “son-in-law or daughter-in-law” issue when helping out your child. How can you protect your investment and your child’s if somewhere down the line, the adult children separate or divorce? This issue needs to be addressed and resolved in advance. The older generation doesn’t want to bring this up; one of my friends calls this “walking on eggs.” So be sure to make this a part of your conversation with your attorney as you are discussing how title should be held, which is a crucial part of the long term success of this endeavor.It goes without saying that the terms of any purchase, loan, or gift from one generation to another need to be memorialized in writing.Make sure that you decide which way you want to proceed BEFORE you get actively involved in house hunting or making offers. In order to qualify for the maximum benefits, you need to do your homework in advance of finding the property you might want to buy. Funds, title issues and agreements need to be in place in advance of the purchase.How do you get started? How do you know what the right price range is? Sit down and talk to a loan agent, usually one recommended by your realtor and get you and/or your adult child pre-qualified. A loan broker will ask you questions, ask for document backup, and will tell you exactly what you can afford.Here’s my personal advice: value for dollar is what both generations should be looking for. Usually the younger generation identified the property and then invites the parents into the transaction. You might want to try a different approach. Maybe you can start the process. There are properties even in the best neighborhoods in surprisingly affordable price ranges. Get onto the Internet, look at real estate sites like,, the, or Google the community and add “real estate,” and up will come your choices. Read the real estate ads in the newspaper (“Oh how quaint,” the adult children will say for sure). Here’s also some more advice: buy a house instead of a condo if you can. It’s just so much better of a solid investment.And get out to Open Houses on Sunday with your adult kids and see what happens.Here’s the bottom line: where the kids live, there liveth the grandchildren. Imagine having them in a house with a yard. Imagine them living ten minutes from you. It doesn’t get much better than that!From a real estate standpoint in 2012, the conditions in the market could not be better. Prices of property seem to have bottomed out and may even be rising. Interest rates are low and time is flying by!

Don’t Be Afraid of Adult Dating Online – It Can Find You Bliss!

If you can believe it, there are literally tens of thousands of people who have genuinely found love online with adult dating sites. And they are perfectly happy, now living together, some have married and some have taken the next step and have had children.Whats wrong with dating online? Nothing, but a lot of people in denial about their lives see it as a stigma, a weakness, an act of desperation for those who cannot function like a normal member of society by finding their partner in the real world. I beg to differ. Things have changed massively over the past few years and the internet no longer has the social stigma it once had.Yes, sexual predators often use the internet to rope in their victims but these are uncontrolled online communication tools that have no governing laws. If you know what to look out for and where to go, you will be in for the dating experience of your lifetime. Is a busy executive, successful yet working more than 90 hours a week a by product of social stigmatism just because he is looking for a date online? What about a person who is shy and too fearful to approach a member of the opposite sex finding the courage he or she needs online? What about someone who is affected by a blemish? Or in a part of the world wrought by disaster? What then?We have to think outside of the small minded theories of the internet and look back through the emerging moral kaleidoscope of the post modern world. The internet has become the platform for people all over the world to find love and why not? Is it so inconceivable that a platform borne out of technology, one that connects more than 6 million people a day be used to create beautiful love amongst two willing and consenting adults? Why must we be limited by our surroundings. We should never be forced by principles and by aspects of our existence into loneliness or being with someone that we do not truly love.The world is truly our oyster and the adult dating online scene has helps many to reach out from beyond their struggling and lonely lives and thrust them back into a world of happiness. Opening an email with the same excitement as reading a love letter and the feeling of anticipation as one awaits the reply from someone miles away. The destination of love is always the same, the vehicle might have changed a bit but happiness comes eventually. I will say now and here that no one should be afraid of adult dating online, the only fear that they should have is fear itself, fear to not try it out, fear of being labeled weird or desperate by obviously ignorant people. Once you overcome this fear, you might find that you can and will meet the person of your dreams.

Adult Eczema – What Is It?

Most people with adult eczema have had eczema as a child. Those adults who had eczema as a child suffer with atopic dermatitis. A smaller proportion of people develop adult onset eczema. For those who develop eczema as an adult, this may be due to developed weaknesses in the immune system, or it may be associated with their occupation.Certain immune system diseases may make one more prone to developing eczema.
This type of eczema may occur on any part of the body. People who work as cleaners or other occupations where there is frequent hand washing and the wearing of gloves may develop adult onset eczema. Dentists, nurses and people who work with chemicals and metals are more prone to developing this type of eczema. This type of eczema is commonly known as contact or irritant eczema.The symptoms of adult eczema depend upon the symptoms and the area of the body affected. The symptoms of atopic dermatitis include a red scaly itchy rash. This may first appear as boils which then become flat and scaly. They may also cause a darkening discoloration of the skin. The extreme itch leads to scratching which may then result in broken skin that become secondarily infected with common skin bacteria such as staphylococcus.The site of the body affected and the symptoms of contact /irritant eczema depend upon the type of substance one is exposed to. The substance has to come in direct contact with the skin. This often provides a clue as to the cause of contact/ irritant eczema.The treatment of atopic dermatitis is mainly centered on finding out the root cause of allergies which contribute to the development of eczema flare ups, and avoiding these. The next most important thing is to maintain moisturisation of the skin. This is done by drinking plenty of fluids, water being best, and taking good care of the skin.It is important to treat the skin gently. Avoid having long hot showers and baths. Have short baths in cool to warm water. Avoid using soap based products to cleanse the skin. Use natural non-soap based cleansers. After baths do not rub the skin and do not dry completely. Gently pat dry and immediately apply moisturiser.Avoid heavy greasy moisturisers which clog the pores. Use natural moisturisers such as extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil, and other natural oils. These types of moisturisers contain no perfumes or other additives which can dry the skin, and contribute to eczema flare-ups. They are pure and are easily absorbed by the skin, keeping it moisturised for longer. These products also contain natural healing substances that promote healing of the skin. This is why it is important to use the virgin cold pressed varieties of these products rather than those that have been heat treated, resulting in the destruction of the natural healing ingredients.Adult eczema that comes about as a result of contact with irritants usually resolve, when one avoids using or coming into contact with the irritant.